Code: ZK2C10K5HL-08

Body Type: C (For Manifold – Common Silencer Exhaust)
Nozzle Diameter: 10 (ø1.0)
Supply Valve / Release Valve: K (N.C. / N.C.)
Voltage: 5 (24 VDC)
Pressure Sensor/Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum Spec.: H (Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum / -100 to 100 kPa / PNP 2 Outputs / Unit Selection Function)
Supply Valve/Release Valve/Digital Pressure Switch for Vacuum Connector Spec.: L [L-type Plug Connector – w/ Lead Wire with Connector – w/ Lead Wire with Connector for Pressure Switch/sensor]
Vacuum (V) Port: 08 [ø8 One-touch Fitting (Metric)]
Bracket: None
Individual Release Pressure Supply: None
Vacuum Break Flow Adjustment: None
Manifold Individual Supply: None
Manifold Common Release Pressure Supply: None
Exhaust Interference Prevention Valve: None


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We are delighted to introduce our ZK2 Series vacuum unit, developed in response to increasing customer demand for improved evacuation performance and energy efficiency. Our new ZK2 provides an improved ejector/pump vacuum unit with extremely efficient air and power consumption, thanks to the introduction of an energy saving digital pressure switch, which decreases air consumption by 90%. A more effective two-stage ejector further increases suction flow and reduces air consumption. To prevent work pieces from dropping, the Series ZK2 features a Dual 2 port release/supply valve. Its clever all in one design makes this new product lighter and more compact than previous models, simplifying installation and maintenance. The ZK2 is suitable for several applications such as transfer, panel conveyor and packaging/unpacking and is perfect for tight spaces where ejector space is limited.

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