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Body Size: 3 (30)
Port Size: 06 (3/4)


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Process Industry and PET machine builder’s requests for both 2 and 3 port, pilot operated, solenoid valves, with high pressure performance are now answered with the launch of SMC’s latest Series VCH range.Designed for use with air or inert gas, these new valves can operate up to a maximum pressure of 5.0 MPa thereby substantially exceeding SMC’s existing VXH high pressure series. With large flow passages, and ISO1179-1 conforming port thread sizes of G1/2 to G1, high flow rates are ensured and due to a reduction in the overall volume of the pilot chamber their responsiveness can now only be measured in milliseconds.Additionally, the VCH range offers enclosure protection equivalent to IP65 and a DIN type electrical connector as standard and due to its unique collision-less armature construction, with rubber buffers and urethane diaphragm, early indications have confirmed that the valves operation life time will exceed 10 million cycles.Currently the VCH Series is available in four different valve configurations; 2 port valve normally closed – VCH41, 2 port valve normally open – VCH 42, our 3 port option – VCH410, plus a check valve – VCHC40.

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