MSZ Series 3-Position Rotary Table

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Manufacturers who incorporate work piece selection or separation in their production process now have a unique, cost effective, solution thanks to development engineers from SMC, the world’s leading automation experts, and their new 3-position rotary table, Series MSZ.This latest rotary actuator can be adjusted to stop at three different positions within a 190º radius and does not require either a electric motor or any complex machinery to function, only compressed air. Designed initially for the selection and separation of work pieces to either the left or right, the rotary table is controlled via a single 3-position solenoid valve ensuring simple setup and operation.Currently available in two model types – basic and high accuracy, for higher loads and reduced table deflection, – Series MSZ can be ordered in four different sizes and are designed to work with an operating pressure range of between 0.2 to1 MPa.With an allowable kinetic energy of 7, 25, 48 and 81 mJ and an effective torque at 0.5MPa of 1, 2, 3 and 5 Nm respectively, a load can be mounted directly on the table for simplicity.