IZF10 Series Fan Ionizer

Code: IZF10

Air flow adjustment function added.
Signal output for emitter contamination detection function added.
Slim design.
Offset voltaje (Ion balance): ±13 V.
Rapid static neutralisation: 1.3 seconds.


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Applications generating harmful levels of static electricity now have the ideal solution following the launch of our new portable fan type ionizer -Series IZF10. Extremely compact and lightweight and without the need of a compressed air supply, this fan type Ionizer is suitable for a wide range of applications including workbench mounting. Series IZF10 achieves and ion balance of ±13V, or less, and is available in a low noise type (29dB(A)) or a fast static removal type (1.5 seconds). Fitted with two alarm functions, plus a trimmer for adjusting the ion balance, monitoring the Series IZF10´s operating performance cannot be easier and ease of on-site maintenance has also been considered as it is also possible to clean the Ionizers electrodes by simply removing the cartridge case.