EX510 Series Serial Control Unit

Code: EX510

Input units with a maximum of 16 input points.
Two models with different input types.
Compliant to either NPN, PNP or 2-wire sensor inputs.
Possible to connect a wide range of input devices.
All input connections are e-con type.
Fuse protection against short circuiting.
Possible to mount either directly onto a DIN rail or on the bracket accessory.


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Model EX serial units offer low-cost, time saving solutions to your control system problems. Depending on the serial unit, control up to 32 solenoid valves and receive up to 32 inputs. Diagnostic and trouble shooting capabilities greatly reduce downtime. Compatible valve manifolds include (N)VFS/S, (N)VZS, VQ, VQC, SX, SY, SQ, SZ, SV and ISO.