EX250 Series Serial Interface Unit

Code: EX250

IP67 enclosure (IP40 for SI unit compatible with ControlNet)
Maximum 32 inputs/32 outputs
Connection of sensor with M8/M12 connectors possible
Available communication protocols include: DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, CC-Link, AS-i, CANopen and EtherNet/IP
Applicable to valves: VQC1000/2000/4000, S0700 and SV1000/2000/3000


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EX250 is a serial interface unit controlling up to 32 solenoids.  This serial interface is compatible with series VQC1000/2000/4000 and SV1000/2000/3000 valves.  Available protocols include DeviceNet, CC-Link, AS-i, Profibus-DP, and CANopen.  Input modules can be added or removed at the point of use.