Thermal Management

There are two main potential thermal problems inside the enclosure:

  • Overheating
  • Humidity, or water condensation

Overheating can occur inside the enclosure, due to internal heat dissipation or external heat sources. The consequence may be reduced component lifetime and increased risk of breakdowns.

Eldon offers a wide range of cooling solutions to avoid harmful overheating:

  • Air conditioners, an efficient cooling solution which does not require the ambient air temperature to be lower than the desired temperature inside the enclosure. An additional advantage is that air conditioners will dehumidify the air inside the enclosure, preventing condensation
  • Vortex coolers, particularly suitable in applications where the working temperature is very high and where other cooling solutions are not possible due to limitations in their maximum working temperature
  • Heat exchangers, such as air-water types, are ideal when high cooling capacity is needed and fresh water is available
  • Filter fans constitute a cost-effective, easy to assemble cooling solution. They can be used in all control panels where the ambient conditions don't cause a constraint. One of the greatest risks for an electrical enclosure is water condensation and high humidity which may reduce the lifetime of the electronic equipment. Water condensation will occur if the temperature falls below the dew point. 

Eldon offers a wide range if heaters to increase the air temperature inside enclosures:

  • Small heaters, for small panels not requiring high heating capacity
  • Medium and big heaters, for large enclosures where the heat generated is not too high, but where there is a risk of condensation due to temperature variations during day and night Fan heaters, to ensure even heat distribution in large enclosures where there is not enough natural air distribution 

To increase energy efficiency, Eldon also offers various control equipment to obtain an optimum balance between the requested temperature conditions and the energy used:

  • Thermostats are available for temperature control. This is the best solution for enclosures with cooling or heating components which lack their own temperature control
  • Hygrostats for relative humidity control. This is a good solution for enclosures where there is a high risk for condensation since the minimum control will not ensure that condensation will be avoided. Certifications such as UL, CSA, GOST, and others, are available to make it easier to export complete enclosures.
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