Terminal Boxes

Eldon's range of terminal boxes is available in different materials including painted mild steel, stainless steel (types 304L and 316L), painted aluminium, glass reinforced polyester, ABS, and polycarbonate. Each of these materials offers a different degree of corrosion resistance, specific mechanical behavior, and provides distinct insulation.

Terminal boxes are used to protect connectionelements and terminal blocks in the field. They are also used for other purposes, such as hosting small control equipment in the field or inside a machine. The range of terminal boxes has been designed to comply with the relevant standard for empty enclosures, IEC 62208. Maximum protection for the user and the equipment is achieved thanks to the high protection degree IP 66 according to IEC 60529, and IK 08 according to IEC 62262. There are three different designs available within the ABS and polycarbonate terminal box ranges, making it possible to meet most customer requirements. Certification has been obtained for all ranges of Eldon's terminal boxes with GOST and EAC for Russia, and others which makes export easier, especially for machine builders. Mild steel and stainless steel terminal boxes have UL certification for the USA, and CSA for Canada. A wide selection of accessories is also available for each range of terminal boxes. Typical accessories include wall mounting brackets for fixing, when required, mounting plates and DIN rails for the installation of electrical equipment, and hinges for easier access to the interior.

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  1. STB

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  3. SABP

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  4. OABP

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  5. MGRP

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