General Accessories

Eldons wide range of accessories makes it possible to meet individual customer and user requirements for many applications. Eldons general accessory range includes the following products:

  • Lighting systems, to help customers perform maintenance tasks inside the enclosure, when needed, or to increase visibility inside the enclosure when accessed during the night. 
  • Profile accessories, including DIN rails and mounting material, to allow for easy mounting of electrical equipment inside the enclosure. 
  • Cans of paint and cleaning products, to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance, and to contribute to ensuring long enclosure lifetime. 
  • Earthing accessories, to establish safe earthing connections and to help customers fulfil all safety regulations and standards. 
  • Document pocket, which is a versatile, self-adhesive pocket for A4 documents. 

Eldon provides several solutions for the above listed accessories, to meet frequently requested special requirements. The lighting range includes both fluorescent and LED lights, as well as different cables, to make all the necessary connections. Door-operated switches are also available, so that lights are automatically switched on whenever the enclosure door is opened

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