Floor Standing

Floor standing enclosures are used when a strong design is required, and the installation is floor based or located on top of a frame structure. Typical applications span from a single, stand-alone enclosure integrated in a machine, to complex set-ups with several meters of combinable panels. Floor standing enclosures are also used in industrial network installations and for power distribution switchgear.

The range is available in various materials and in three different construction types, adaptable to any accessibility requirements. The constructions available are all designed around the same platform and can be tailored to customer needs, by using a cULus Listed set of standard accessories.

The floor standing enclosures offer maximum protection to the user and to the equipment inside, thanks to the high protection degree IP 55 / IP 56 / IP 66 - IK 10 according to EN 60529 & EN 62208. In addition, the Eldon floor standing range is certified to meet the strictest international standards, such as UL 508A, CSA 22.2, GOST and KEMA-KEUR. Customers have the guarantee that the enclosures are thoroughly tested and meet all safety regulations.

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