Cable Management

Eldon offers a wide range of cable entry products to meet many different customer requirements. The products offered are divided into two groups: Cable glands and Cable entry gland plates.

These products are manufactured using high quality raw materials. Together with the tested and confirmed high IP rating, they make it possible to guarantee reliable performance in almost any environment.

Some characteristics of Eldon's cable glands:

  • Traditional and reliable CPG cable glands
  • Cost-effective solution with the simple cable gland CES
  • Double protection with the CED cable glands
  • Improved strain relief with the CAG cable glands

The cable gland plates are characterized by: A high cable density with the CEP/CEPR cable entry gland plates, the possibility to use already connected cables with the CCF gland plates, A fast and smooth installation using the EHTC gland plates. Standard solutions do not always meet the installation requirements for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and others where a high level of cleanliness is required. For these types of installations, Eldon has a dedicated product, the hygienic design cable gland, which has been designed to meet the strict regulations within these industries.

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