Rotary Actuators

Best Pneumatic Systems can provide your business with rotary actuators from world renowned manufacturers, SMC. Rotary actuators are capable of providing applications with rotational motion in less than a single turn, as well as offering long-stroke lengths without taking up too much space. Part of our actuators range, our range of SMC rotary actuators are split into two distinct categories – Rack & Pinion and Vane. 

SMC Rotary Actuators

SMC’s compact rack & pinion style rotary actuator units are capable of auto-switch mounting without backlash and are equipped with an angle adjusting mechanism, all while converting to metric specifications. While vane style rotary actuators from SMC boast high-reliability capabilities and can be supplied as either single or double vane depending on specifications with auto-switch mounting as standard. 

To purchase SMC rotary actuators, contact  Best Pneumatic Systems on 01254 395 000 or email [email protected]  or view our current online selection below.

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